The best companies in environmental consulting

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The best companies in environmental consulting is the international company for environmental service as it considered as one of the largest companies for environmental consulting in Egypt.

As it has a real role in the Procedure and preparation of environmental measurement studies with the latest methods and technologies in the Middle East and Egypt. Depending on the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency. The best specialized environmental consulting companies with a team of accredited experts in conducting the environmental measurement for the biggest organizations and industrial companies in Egypt, which made them gain the trust of everyone in the field of environmental services.

Environmental consultancy is provided to companies by highly qualified consultants with extensive experience, achievement, and continuous development in the field of environmental health and various environmental and scientific services. 

The highest quality between all environmental consulting companies:

  • Conducting the environmental consultations and occupational safety measurements for organizations and industrial companies.
  • Preparing and equipping the work environment with the necessary requirements such as ventilation, noise control, lighting, the effects of humidity and heat, and other requirements.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Project
  • An environmental feasibility study and environmental impact assessment for petroleum, tourism, factories, recreational and other projects, fulfilling the requirements of the Environmental Protection Law, and facilitating obtaining the necessary licenses to set up these projects.
  • Integrated environmental management for development projects and solving environmental problems that arise during project operation, including pollutants and others.
  • The best environmental consulting companies in conducting the technical reviews and assessments required to ensure the conformity of the work systems and procedures in the institutions in accordance with the labor and environment laws and their implementing regulations.
  • Studying and developing practical solutions to treat air pollution problems with emissions in line with the Environment Law of 1994 and its amendments.
  • Reducing pollution in various projects and fields.
  • Preparing environmental records and field training programs in creating and developing environmental and health systems and related services.
  • Environmental consultations include measuring noise, thermal stress, pollution indicators in chimney emissions, measuring the percentage of air pollutants in the indoor and outdoor work environment, and water pollutants percentages.
  • Providing assistance and scientific awareness in the fields of environment, safety, and occupational health
  • Environmental feasibility study and the establishment and design of various water resources facilities.

The method of preparing permit and discipline models and the appropriateness of the procedures in force in the community, in addition to modeling and simulating the spread of pollutants in the air through:

  • Determining the characteristics of the levels and types of pollutants and ways to reduce them.
  • The nature and source of pollutants.
  • Determine and reduce the characteristics of particle size distribution and emissions.
  • Study the environmental and health impact of pollutants and their emissions

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