A team of experts and consultants accredited by the Environmental Affairs Agency.

Using the latest technologies and advanced measuring equipment.

Successful partnerships with major companies and industrial establishments in Egypt.

We work together towards an ideal and safe environment.. and a work environment suitable for human and environmental safety.​

International Environmental Services Company ​

Environmental measurements and occupational safety and health measurements​

Providing all environmental measurements, consulting, research, information and analysis that help industrial facilities achieve the highest levels of occupational safety and health, monitoring quality levels, monitoring and measuring all types of environmental pollutants in air and water, and providing proposed solutions to treat them in accordance with the laws and requirements of the regulatory authorities.

Prepare the environmental record

A team of the company’s consultants prepares the facility’s environmental record, which is the first step on the path of modern environmental management and sound environmental commitment. It is an environmental identification card for the facility and its activity statement. Evidence of the establishment’s commitment to the environmental standards and specifications specified by the state and legislative bodies.

Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects

The International Environmental Services Company provides environmental impact assessment services for petroleum projects, tourism, factories, recreational projects, and all other industrial activities and institutions, and helps in treating pollutants, fulfilling the requirements of the Environmental Law, and obtaining the necessary licenses to set up these projects.

Qualifying and training

The International Environmental Services Company, with accreditation from the Environmental Affairs Agency, provides training courses in the field of quality, environment, safety and occupational health, tests, and gives accredited certificates in these areas.

work for others

The International Environmental Services Company provides all its services in the fields of environmental measurements for factories and companies

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