Environmental consulting and studies

Environmental study of the project

The International Environmental Services Company is accredited by the Environmental Affairs Agency as an accredited environmental consultancy office to provide environmental studies and consultations and environmental measurements.

This gives the company the confidence of the community in providing the best environmental and various scientific services, providing scientific advice to solve environmental problems, and conducting laboratory analyzes for the government and private sectors.

Environmental services and environmental study for the project:

• Making environmental and occupational health and safety measurements for companies and factories.
• Creating the work environment with the necessary requirements and requirements for ventilation, noise, lighting, humidity, temperature and others.
• Conducting environmental studies and feasibility studies.
• Assessment of the environmental impact of projects (petroleum, tourism, factories, recreational projects, ….),
To meet the requirements of the Environmental Law and to obtain the necessary licenses to set up these projects.
• Integrated environmental management of development projects and solving environmental problems that arise during project operation.

الخدمات البيئية والدراسة البيئية للمشروع

• Designing and implementing the evaluation and technical review required to ensure compliance of the institutions’ work systems and procedures with the environment and labor law.
• Studying and developing practical solutions to the problems of air pollution by emission in line with the environmental law.

• Project management and supervision of the implementation of water, desalination and wastewater treatment and environmental engineering projects
• Control of pollution in various fields.
• Making environmental records and field training programs in preparing and developing environmental and health systems and related services.
• Environmental consultations, including: measuring noise, thermal stress, pollution indicators in chimney emissions, measuring the percentage of air pollutants in the indoor and outdoor work environment, water pollutant percentages.
• Providing aid and scientific awareness in the fields of environment, safety and occupational health.
• Studying, establishing and designing various water resources facilities.
• Studies of the environmental impact of industrial projects and their potential environmental impacts.
• Assessment of the current environmental status of existing projects.
• Effective selection of hazardous waste management and treatment systems.
• Monitoring and controlling waste and recycling operations.
• Analysis of the economic impacts of environmental problems.
• Environmental monitoring operations, measuring pollutants in water sources, air or soil resulting from various activities, and finding solutions to reduce these pollutants.
• Industrial operations of the chemical industries, which include all stages of importing and manufacturing primary raw materials, converting them into products, then treating waste and how to dispose of it.

Environmental Studies:

1- Waste and Waste Management:

  • Solid waste management.
  • Management of hazardous materials and waste.
  • Mobile means of decontamination.
  • Medical and health waste management.
  • The latest devices and equipment.
  • Protection of existing groundwater from solid waste.
  • Improvers and organic waste management.

إدارة النفايات و المخلفات
دراسات تلوث الهواء والانبعاثات الغازية

2-Air pollution and gas emissions studies:

  • The method of preparing permit and discipline forms and the appropriateness of the procedures in force in the community, in addition to modeling and simulating the spread of pollutants in the air through:
  • Determine the characteristics of the levels and types of pollutants and ways to reduce them.
    The nature of
  • pollutants and their sources.
  • Determine and reduce the characteristics of particle size distribution and emissions.
  • Study the environmental and health impact of pollutants and their emissions.

3-Prevention and reduction of pollution:

  • Waste reduction.
  • Reuse of polluted water.
  • Industrial and municipal waste landfills.
  • Balance and use of industrial water.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and disposal.
  • Waste disposal system design.
  • Clean technology applications.
  • Control of polluted air from industry

المنع والحد من التلوث
الدراسة البيئية للمشروع خدمة التخطيط والإدارة البيئية

4-Environmental planning and management

  • Environmental and social impact assessment.
  • Environmental Quality Management Systems.
  • Implementation, application and supervision of the ISO system. ISO 17025-2017
  • Environmental assessment of the sites.
  • Environmental safety, disaster monitoring and emergency preparedness plans.
    Designing treatment plans.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Pollution assessment.
  • Environmental/energy audit.

7-Environmental quality management, modeling, testing and environmental monitoring

  • Air quality monitoring.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of water quality.
  • Water quality modeling.
  • Monitoring and testing of groundwater modeling.
  • Water and polluted water systems.
  • Monitor drinking water sources and irrigation.
  • Mobile monitoring
  • and testing services.

8- Environmental Technologies:

  • Providing technical assistance and technology transfer.
  • Research and development.

إدارة الجودة البيئية والنمذجة والإختبار والرصد البيئي
نظم المعلومات الجغرافية والاستشعار عن بعد إدارة الموارد الطبيعية والتراث الحضاري

9-Geographical information systems and remote sensing management of natural resources and cultural heritage:

  • Environmental consultations and studies of nature reserves.
  • Assessment and protection of endangered and endangered species.
  • Nature conservation, resource protection and damage assessment.
  • Ecotourism and sustainable tourism.
  • Ecological renewal and ecosystem management.

10-Environmental regulations and legislation

  • Review of industrial facilities conformity.
  • Matching licenses.

اللوائح والتشريعات البيئية

Services related to air quality on plans, strategies, technical analysis processes, emissions estimation systems and water pollution studies​

The project’s environmental study and water pollution studies are concerned with studying the various water pollutants and the factors that affect them, proposing appropriate solutions to them, acquiring knowledge and transferring experiences through scientific research and specialized training courses.

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